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Peace among the greenery

Only a few-minutes’ drive from the capital city you can already reach Zaplana above Ljubljana, where you shall enjoy peace among blooming meadows, grass orchards and green forests. Meet the ancient culture, habits and wisdom of the locals, as well as traditional Slovene cuisine.


Only a few minutes drive from the capital and you already are at Zaplana above Ljubljana, where you will enjoy the peace in the middle of flowering meadows, meadow orchards and green forests.


Zaplana with its surroundings boasts an exceptional historical tradition, while geographical diversity also reveals rich flora and fauna. Here you will discover nature in all its magnitude and certainly learn a lot about Slovenia and its local specialties.


Visit Zaplana accompanied by an experienced guide, along with friends or colleagues. Spend your free time in the middle of nature, in a relaxed environment.

In the vicinity

In the vicinity of Zaplana, there are various possibilities for visiting tourist farms, museums or natural sights. Go bear watching, fishing or swimming in a natural lake.

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