Whole day visit

Spend a day in the middle of the nature and enjoy peace. Relax, learn about old customs, visit historical landmarks and try homemade, local dishes.


    Want to know what the authentic Slovenia looks like? What are its characteristics, typical dishes, how do its inhabitants live, what do they grow on their farms? In one day at Zaplana above Ljubljana, you can visit hidden natural and historical treasures, relax with birds singing and take a walk to a nearby water spring, or simply sit under an ancient Slovenian linden tree and taste local homemade delicacies.


    all day

    The visit includes:

    • transport Ljubljana-Zaplana
    • an experience at Zaplana of your choice
    • tasting of homemade and locally produced food
    • transport Zaplana-Ljubljana

    To visit Zaplana, please contact us at:


    Please let us know your preferences and phone number, and we will contact you shortly to discuss the details of your visit.